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Over the years  , We at Legalminds were able to cater to diversified requirements of our clients and we can proudly claim that we can render professional oriented legal advises and services in relation of most of the branches of law. Our Specialty being the Mutual consent and contested divorce and other matrimonial matters



We at Legalminds take our duty as lawyers very seriously  so as to provide a competent opinion based on our expertise knowledge and  with adequate consideration of facts and applicable lawys.Our advise is open , undisguised .We provide a honest review of the case along with its merits and the probable results.The Path to Success

Holding Hands


We at Legalminds have expert marriage and family counselors  to provide marriage or family counseling.Marriage Counseling is a kind of psychotherapy that helps resolve conflicts between the couple and improves their relationship.

Justitia Goddess


Expert Guidance on all family Laws comprising of various personal laws , like Hindu Law , Christian Law, Muslim Law and Parsi law.Long standing experience with a wide range of clients with an even wider range of matters.One step solution for all your matrimonial problems

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